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Camel Sunset


On check-in

for GROUPS only



20€ /guest


1 Night


Short (1h-2h)


Enjoy a taste of the local desert life with our short camel hiking. You can see the sunset or the sunrise at the desert riding a dromedary. 

Camel Excursion is around 1 hour. The camel time will be around 15-20 minutes to an hour. The time is not fixed because we have some guests that only want a short trip because the camel is not much comfortable and some others that want to spend as much time as possible in the dromedary.

Please inform your camel guide how much do you want the trip and if you want to extend it or not. 

Usually our camel guide when finish the trip will show you different souvenirs handmade done for his family. Instead of a tip maybe is better to buy him some of them so remember to bring a bit of pocket money. In all the cases it is not complusory to buy or give a tip.

Even your tour may be private, you can be grouped together for the camel excursion with other guests in Kam Kam Dunes. If you really want to do the camel trek alone let us know in advance so we can arrange it accordingly.

If you are looking for a whole day camel excursion check our activity: Camel Excursion

KamKam dunes camel sunset

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