Guides & Drivers

Regulations govern guides, drivers and vehicles licensed to work with tourists in Morocco. Each driver and vehicle has to be registered and carry the associated permits.

Police checkpoints regularly stop and check for the correct paperwork. Guides are licensed according to district and activity: ie: mountain guides, Marrakech city guides, etc.

You will be approached by a selfproclaimed guides commonly known as ‘false guides. Most false guides are just trying to make a small tip and mean you no harm but they can be relentless and persistent in their offer to guide you. False guides are practiced and skilful and you will need to be firm in your insistence that you do not want a guide. If the harassment continues, do make an obvious attempt to seek out a policeman. You can ask at a nearby shop where you can find the police strict controls have been brought in where being hassled is illegal and the tourist police are constantly on patrol to ensure this is adhered to.

We do highly recommend that you consider hiring a licensed guide for tours in Fes and Marrakech. Not only will you not get continually lost, the authorised guides have considerable knowledge of the history and architecture and will ensure you get to experience the many different areas of the medina. The guide will get a commission on anything that you buy. You can make it clear to the guide at the start of the tour what, if any, shopping you are interested in.

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