Stomach illness

Travelling to Morocco comes with a lot of pros and cons, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Although Moroccan cuisine is one of the finest in the world – with popular dishes like tajine or couscous – this country also has some foods and drinks that one should, preferably, avoid. 

-Tap water

-Cookies from carts

-Street food vendors

-Fruit and vegetables


The golden rule to prevent gastrointestinal infections is: Boil it, Cook it, Peel it, or Forget it! Even if you are very careful it’s not guaranteed to escape from diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and belly cramps, since is one of the most common health problems that you have to deal with on a vacation in Morocco. 

“About 40% of all travelers are affected by the unpleasant disturbances of the digestive tract between the third and the ninth day of travel.” (Travel Guide Marrakech, 2019) 

As it states, it’s basically impossible to identify exactly when and where you have got the infection since the consequences can appears from the third to the ninth day, and sometimes can appear once arrival at home.

As the Laboratoire de Microbiologie in France in their Review Staphylococcus aureus and food poisoning mentions: “The pathogenesis of bacteria causing food-borne poisoning depends on their capacity to produce toxins after ingestion” it’s almost impossible to isolate where the focus came from.

From Kam Kam Dunes we recommend to have a consistent hand hygiene with hand sanitizer routine since infections can spread easily through direct interpersonal contacts and people shake hands, exchange money etc… It can also come from a toothbrush -which has been in contact with tap water- and from drinking a bit of water while having a shower.  

Kindly note that the traveler’s intoxication is different from a restaurant food intoxication where all the clients get the gastrointestinal illness at the same time.

If you are feeling bad after 2-3 days we recommend to visit a doctor that usually will prescribe antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin or perform further analysis.

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