I want to drive to Kam Kam Dunes, how do I arrive at the desert?

1. Travelling in a 4x4 or SUV car and you are willing to drive across the desert:

This is the most adventurous and exciting way to arrive. Your meeting point will be at the only petrol station in Merzouga “Afriquia” where our guide will be waiting for you. Our guide will then get in your car with you and give you some basic lessons on how to drive your car across the desert. After that he will direct you towards Kam Kam Dunes. Usually your car’s tyre pressure will need to be decreased to ensure greater ease of driving. Please ensure that you know how to activate the 4x4 mode of your car.


2. Travelling in a regular car:

Your meeting point will be at the only petrol station in Merzouga “Afriquia” where our guide will be waiting for you. Afterwards he will escort you to a car park where you can safely leave your car. From there a 4x4 car transfer is provided to travel to Kam Kam Dunes. On the following day a transfer will be provided to drive you back to the car park to collect your car (free of charge).

3. Travelling with a hired driver:

Please ask your driver to contact us in advance.


IMPORTANT: Please on the arrival day call us in the morning when you leave from your hotel so we can be in touch all the time! Kindly call us again two hours before you arrive in Merzouga. (Usually two hours before is when you are approaching the city, “ERFOUD”).

The meeting point will be in the AFRIQUIA petrol station in Merzouga. Once there we will organise the transfer into the desert.

Note: solo travellers might be teamed up with other groups during transfer, plus you may have to wait to be transfered in a specific time within a time frame. We ask you to be patient.


Meeting point in google maps:



+212 6 61 53 31 22 | +212 6 11 95 64 69 | +212 6 19 93 26 35

Can I arrive by plane?



The nearest airport is at Errachidia (ERH) Airport. There are regular flights in the Royal Air Maroc Airlnes coming from Casablanca.


Transfer from ERH airport to Kam Kam Dunes (1h 30 minutes) can be provided from 100 € per car each way. (To be quoted by our commercial dept).


If budget is not an issue, and you want to get to Kam Kam Dunes with style, then a helicopter or private plane is your best choice. You can hire them at:

Tips for good driving in Morocco

Same rules as in Spain.


If a car comes in front of you it costs nothing to give way.


Beware of cyclists and pedestrians at night as they go without light and are difficult to see.


The police checks put a stop sign before the check point. You should stop right at the stop sign, not in front of the police.


If someone makes you lights is because there will probably be a police control later.


Safety belt required for all passengers.


In the desert try to preserve mechanics and avoid accidents. Assistance may take several hours. And remember that most rental cars have a high franchise.


There are many speed cameras when entering the villages.

Can I arrive via public transport?

It is the sort of service local people would use to get to Merzouga, it does not stop to visit any sight.


•Daily departures from Marrakech start at 8:30am and arrive in Merzouga at 21:00.


•From Fez, the night bus will leave at 20.30 (evening) and arrives at 7.15 (morning) in Merzouga. If you want to take this bus and do an early checkin you will need to pay 50 euro per person (MINIMUM 2 PERSONS), and it will include a tour across the dunes and lunch in a restaurant. Alternatevely you can stop in Rissani and visit the city and have lunch there. Then take a taxi from Rissani to Merzouga.

You can find more details regarding the public bus on the website for Supra Tours



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