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Camel Excursion – lunch included


On check-in

for GROUPS only



70€ /guest


1 Night


Long (4h-8h)


Camel is called the ship of the desert. And when you are having the best desert tour of your life then how can you miss the camel excursion? No need to worry. You can enjoy a great camel excursion with us as we provide a very fun and long way camel hiking activity. If you want to see the beauty of the sunrise or the sunset in the desert alongside camel hiking, then it will not take more than an hour of camel ride till the sunset hiking point. From there you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset. If you want to have a day-long camel excursion, inform us while booking. We will guide you to and you can have an unforgettable experience in the desert with your loved ones.

This day-long trek starts from 8 am after breakfast from Kam Kam Dunes. It will take around 5 hours to reach the village named Hassilabad. There you can have a local lunch or whatever you want in a local restaurant. You can order drinks or have some tea, and enjoy the swimming pool. After this lunch break, you will be taken to Kam Kam dunes via our transport 4WD car.

If you want to enjoy the camel excursion privately, you have to inform us, so that we can arrange it according to your choice. You can also enjoy a short camel hiking in Kam Kam dunes, and enjoy the 1-hour short tour of the camel sunset.

Kamkam Dunes
Camel Excursion

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