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Have you ever surf in the snow? And want to gain the same experience in the sand? Sandboard is the perfect idea for that. Surfing in the sand is very exciting and it is quite similar to surfing in the snow. If you haven’t done it then let us tell you that it is not only an extremely adventurous sport but also very fun to enjoy. All you will need is a board, and the fun begins.

We can provide you with sandboards which are available in two sizes. Your choice will depend on your weight. Also, please remember that it would be a 1 or 2 hours activity, and you can have two to three slopes at max. Because walking through the high dunes is so exhausting as you may not be accustomed to the harsh weather. But don’t worry. We can assure you that you will have a great time there.

You can book this Sandboard activity while checking in which will cost per person 7 EURO. Kam Kam dunes will make your tour more exciting by providing such activities. Kam Kam Dunes offer many more such activities that can make your tour an unforgettable one. @diegorojas_f


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