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Sleep In Bereber Tents | Enjoy The Desert | Live The Moroccan Adventure

Exotic, different, mind-blowing

Part of Morocco is a great desert. No doubt about that.
But besides sand, Morocco has miles and miles of adventure, luxury, culture and gastronomy to uncover.

If you have slept in a Bereber Tent in the indigenous desert of Erg Chebbi, crossed the dunes on the back of a camel and visited the Berber Villages… If you have spent a night under the Milky Way or meditated surrounded by the wildest, most seductive silence…  Then you know why we talk this way about Morocco.

And if that is not the case, let us show you what is all about.

Kam Kam Dunes Luxury desert camp in Merzouga

Kam Kam Dunes: redefining luxury in the heart of the Sahara. The choice for those who want more

More comfortable and stylish accommodation

Travelers who won’t give up flamboyant sunsets —or sunrises— 
nor breathtaking landscapes wherever they look.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Introducing Kam Kam Dunes:

Luxury Bereber Tents
Exact replicas of the original Bereber Tents. Feel part of the culture without giving up comfort.
Taylor-Made Adventures
Camel rides, local market visits, adventure sports, Enduro, hiking... the list is endless!
Immersive Tours
Our slow-paced, respectful approach to this charming and surprising culture

In a nutshell: Kam Kam Dunes equals accommodation, experiences and culture in the heart of Morocco

But let’s take it one step at a time. We know this —like the Sahara—might be a little overwhelming. Let’s take a closer look at our services:

The Kam Kam Dunes Camp

Experience the magic of Erg Chebbi around the clock.  Take the desert sunrises and sunsets to the next level by sleeping in a luxury bivouac:


We have twelve Premium Berebere Tents, carefully designed to merge with the desert. All of them are fully equipped to make the most out of your visit to the Sahara: comfortable beds, a private bathroom and an enveloping silence, perfect for some quiet pondering.


+ Four tents of 50m2  in a neighborhood camp.

We have three types of tents. Which one suites you better?:

Bereber Tent for couples
For couples who love adventure and the good life (extra bed can be added)
Bereber Tent for Families
Accommodating up to 6 “don’t wanna miss a thing” travelers
Private Suite Bereber Tent
Away from the main camp, they provide an extra of space and privacy

If one of the reasons of your trip to Morocco is enjoying the Sahara to the fullest, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

A good night’s sleep surrounded by the desert’s pitch black night is pretty cool, right? Well, this might be an understatement: it’s really awesome!

But what if you could spice things up—yes, that is even possible— with all sorts of activities and adventures?

The Kam Kam Dunes Adventures

Are you looking for an adventure?  Feeling excited about a thrilling Moroccan experience?

Well, the desert is the place to boost up your adrenaline. The possibilities are endless—just as the Sahara horizon.

Time to choose. And to make it easier, these are four of our favorite activities:

Pure emotion. That’s what you’ll get from riding into the sunset on top of these animals.
The darkness and silence of the desert come with millions of stars and mythological stories.
A 4-wheel-drive trip that will touch you with the Berbers’ legendary hospitality.
Driving through the dunes on a quad is an adrenaline rush that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

And these are only three suggestions; there’s a lot more to do:

Are you interested in cultural activities?

The Kam Kam Dunes Tours

Don’t miss your chance and treat yourself with a tour through Morocco. Even if you have little time, it’s really worth it —no matter if you pick a private or a group tour.
Just let go and enjoy the moment.

Our guided tours are hosted by experienced drivers/excellent storytellers.
These are our personal favorites:

3-day tour from Marrakech
3 days | 1 night in Kam Kam Dunes

If you are short on time but still want a full Morocco experience.
4-day tour from Marrakech
4 days | 2 nights in Kam Kam Dunes

A more thorough itinerary for longer stays.
Tailor-made 9-DAY TOUR
8 nights | 2 nights in Kam Kam Dunes

The perfect fit for slow travelers ready to dive into Morocco’s cultural mix.

Want more?:

What our clients say about Kam Kam Dunes

Us claiming we are experts on luxury stays and experiences on the desert is one thing. Our clients agreeing with us, a whole different story.

And who’s —great—idea was this?

Adventure and luxury, the perfect match

We know the world is full of adventurers who appreciate “The Good Life”. And this is the reason why we—a Spaniard and a Moroccan—decided to join forces and create the luxury camp of our dreams.

We made our minds up to make your trip to Morocco the experience of a lifetime. In 2014, after endless conversations, meetings, worries and dreams, Kam Kam Dunes became a reality.

Kam Kam Dunes Relax
Autentic people Bereber in the Sahara of Morocco


I am a Berber, born in Merzouga, and a lifelong friend of Enric’s family. I’ve known them forever because they regularly visit Morocco and have a love affair with the country.

I have been a tour guide from a very young age. It was only natural I ended up opening my own hostel. Nothing too fancy, but highly valued in the area. However, my dreams were bigger, and I found the perfect partner in Enric.

We always talked about how the desert had no camps with Bereber Tents incorporating private bathrooms. So we thought we should put them up ourselves.

And that is how Kam Kam Dunes was born: a couple of Berebere Tents inspired in our own taste and preferences. The camp became a success, and we soon expanded the number of tents, added the restaurant and created the adventure portfolio.

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A few Kam Kam Dunes Guests:


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This is the place where we talk about every single thing you need to know when traveling to Morocco.

Our seven-year experience will provide you with those little pieces of information that give you a sense of the country before you set foot on it. This is the blog to read to make the most out of your trip to Morocco.


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