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Kam Kam Dunes is the ideal place for you if you are an adventurous lover. We conduct different activities such as a picnic at the desert, yoga workshop, Buggy ride, sandboard, and many more to mention. Stargazing is one such great activity conducted by us. You can have a great chance for stargazing while you are in the sea or the desert because of the clear sky at night. So when you are having a tour in the Sahara desert, why would you miss the chance for stargazing?

From the middle of the desert, you can enjoy the astronomical talks about Bedouin’s mythologies, tales about the Berbers and Sub-Saharan nomadic tribes and their relation with the sky. Our local staffs know all about it, and you can enjoy it after dinner. This is absolutely free of cost.

On the contrary, if you want to hear professionals talking on astronomical matters, then we can provide you with the best. For this, you have the chance to see the sky from a 200mm telescope and binoculars which will come along with him. For enjoying this great facility, you just need to book in advance, and it will cost 300 EURO each group.

KamKam Dunes Stargazing

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