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The waterfalls tour is a great option for any visitor to Kam Kam Dunes. One has the chance to visit the Safsaf oasis and other waterfalls from here. You’ll have to go on the Dakar rally road along the same river as Safsaf. On this road, you’ll pass through several nomadic villages until reaching the Tisrdmin village.

The Saf Saf Oasis is one of the least known places of the Moroccan Desert. It is a beautiful spot very close to the border with Algeria. Here a small stream gives life to numerous palm trees. And these trees take the charm of this place to another level. The natural beauty here will blow any nature lover’s mind. Many tourists that come from other countries have no idea about this waterfall. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful and adventurous places in this barren desert.

We will arrange a detailed plan according to your choice so that you can have the best experience here. Like all other tours, you’ll get experienced guides/drivers. After the great daylong tour of Saf saf waterfalls, you will arrive at the camp at midnight and have your dinner. We eagerly look forward to showing you this hidden gem of Morocco.


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