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The Rissani market is another attraction here. And we from Kam Kam Dunes arrange a visit to that market. So, you can join the tour if you are eager to explore the place. The visit includes a 4wd car transfer and a guide at Rissani and Erfoud. We include lunch in a pizza restaurant in Erfoud or in Rissani in a to try the wood-fired madfouna (Berber calzone).

Rissani stands at the last visible point of the Oued Ziz; beyond it, steadily encroaching on the present town and its ancient ksour ruins, begins the desert. From the eighth to the fourteenth centuries. Rissani served for centuries as the last stop on the great caravan. 

It’s a quiet town, coming to life only for its famous souk market (Tues, Thurs & Sun), which can often turn up a fine selection of Berber jewelry, including the crude, almost iconographic designs of the desert. 

Erfoud lies in the heart of Morocco’s fossil beds. Erfoud makes a pleasant pit stop on the journey being able to see fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years and the photogenic ancient Ksar M’Aadid, 5km north of town.

The souk at the southern end of Erfoud sells local dates and fresh products. You should have good bargaining skills to buy something in this market. All the sellers are very persuasive and they will make you buy something definitely. So, learn to say NO if you do not intend to buy anything.

However, Morocco has a rich culture and if you want to buy something from the market, get the stuff that carries their ancient culture.


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