One Day Experience

Visit the Berber Nomads


Required in advance

for GROUPS only



55€ /guest


2 Nights


Long (4h-8h)


You can enjoy a very adventurous day across the desert with our 4WD car trip with an experienced driver. After breakfast, the 4×4 adventure will begin. While visiting, you can have a tea break with the nomadic family, and explore the real Berber Nomads people. They are very kind-hearted people and will greet you in the best way possible. So, get to know the real Berber Nomads and it will be a great experience for a lifetime.

After this short tea break, we will pay a short visit to Zinc Mine near the desert. And then we will move towards the Khemliya town. There we will enjoy the typical dance performance of Sudanese. Visiting Khemliya town, we will go to lunch at a Kasbah. If you are visiting between the periods of April to October, you can enjoy the swimming pool in the restaurant. If you want to make your day more enjoyable, after lunch, you can have the activity of the ATV/quad. It will cost per person about 50 EURO for an hour. Please note that lunch, drinks, and the ATV/quad are not included with the package. After having a great adventurous day, if you are back to Kam Kam Dunes before the sunset, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the desert sunset via camel hiking.

Visit the Bereber Nomads
Bereber Nomads

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