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Picnic in Desert


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53€ /guest


2 Nights


Long (4h-8h)


Kam Kam Dunes is surrounded by formed families in the middle of the desert. We are far away from the city. And here you will get the best place for spending your leisure period with your friends and family. This is the perfect place for a grand picnic in desert. You need to arrive at the spot with a 4wD car. In the meanwhile, you can see the waterfall and many natural hidden places. While arriving at Kam Kam Dunes, you will get to see the wonderful village site with normed families and a beautiful view of palm trees. Once you have arrived in Kam Kam Dunes, the genuine adventurous tour is waiting for you and your group.

You will get a chance for cooking yourself or you can have your meal with our menu which is set by our main chef. But please note that Kam Kam Dunes is far from the city. So, getting the necessary things will be difficult here. And, we recommend you to bring your necessaries with you and enjoy the picnic in desert with your friends and family. The beauty of the desert will make you more explorer and make your picnic more memorable. In Kam Kam Dunes, you will get a wonderful location to capture your best memories. The beauty of the desert and adventure is waiting for your arrival.

Picnic in desert

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