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We are the perfect choice for a honeymoon. Newly married couples visit us for our unique views and facilities. We have the best style of hospitality, the most beautiful dunes in the desert. You can make your honeymoon more adventurous and memorable with us. There are many hidden spots in the desert. You will get a chance to explore them with your dearest one. Kam Kam Dunes will be more than glad to welcome you and open the door of adventure and romance.

If you are looking for a perfect place to capture your best moment and make your honeymoon a memorable one, then we will be the perfect choice for you. And it will surely make you visit Kam Kam Dunes again. Here you will get some wonderful places for photography and can make your best memories in the desert. If you want to get a refreshing and relaxing honeymoon plan with us, then we recommend you to book your package in advance by contacting the executives. By choosing Kam Kam Dunes for the honeymoon, we can provide you a great adventure and make your tour a perfect memorable one. Kam Kam Dunes is waiting to warmly welcome you.


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    Kam Kam Dunes
    Ksar Kam Kamhlia
    GPS: 31.1737ºN – 3.940694ºW
    Merzouga, Morocco

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