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Are you looking for a nice and unique place to arrange the most important event of your life? You can give Kam Kam Dunes a try. Our camp can accommodate up to 55 people. For an intimate wedding ceremony with family and friends, this is a perfect setup. Share your best hours with the most important bunch of people in your life in the middle of a desert.

Now, if you have made your mind we would very much like to host this ceremony for you. We will arrange the best civil marriage ceremony with the best local cuisine for you and your guests. The decoration of the wedding will be another attraction to enjoy. We will make the event picture-perfect as per your plans.

For every person’s life, this is a very important day. And we the organizers from Kam Kam Dunes understand that very deeply. We respect your feelings and would do our very best to present you with the best possible wedding ceremony as a token of love from us. We hope to provide you with memories so bright that would never fade away. We welcome you in advance. Also, promise to make sure that you won’t return empty.


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