Aerial Acrobatics Workshop


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3 Nights



Depending instructor

Our friends from Aerial Scapes organize twice a year a retreat in our camp Kam Kam Dunes. You can take breathtaking pictures at the sunset point while doing aerial acrobatics you know. This is a special activity which is done. But make sure you have enquired about this prior to making any plans. We will provide you with all the props. The cloth stands, the scenery will be outside your camera lens. All you have to do is, come to Kam Kam Dunes with an open mind and obviously a fair share of experience in aerial acrobatics.

You can perform anything you like which involves aerial acrobatics using silk cloth. Please remember a minimum experience with silks it’s required. Also, there are no safety mats in the desert, so it’s better to only perform if you have high experience in this art form. You don’t want to go from Kam Kam dunes injured, that will be the worst. Dance like a milky way and photographers will click the best ever pictures of you at the sunset point which will save those beautiful memories for eternity. It’s a unique moment in our camp since the set up is breathtaking and incredible pictures are guaranteed. So come prepared and be amazed at Kam Kam Dunes.

Aerial acrobatics

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