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Photographing and visiting Morocco is an exciting immersion into another world, where Arab and Berber heritage, history, and culture are inextricably bound. Exotic culture and food, wildlife, landscapes, and colorful people are all a part of the Morocco experience. The deserts, dunes, the sunsets, and rise are indeed beautiful to witness. And a photography workshop is an excellent way to capture it.

We propose a photography experience with around 3 nights in the desert. We can include any city you want to visit or follow our suggestions.

Our instructors will have you capturing the very best this unique country has to offer. Our customized tours are optimal for travel photographers of all skill levels.

You can also have your own personal camera to capture moments with your family as well. The divinity lies here and no one would go empty hands. To rejoice these days capture us and the world we offer it to you.

Every year Canon makes a photography workshop around June. So ask them as if you wanna join their group! Make use of this wonderful experience, because photographs create memories. Click awesome pictures and memories of your next Kam Kam Dunes trip in your camera forever.

Photography Workshop

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