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Are you looking for team building activities for your company? Kam Kam Dunes is here to offer the best activities and accommodation. We have camel rides, orientation games, an escape room, and yoga class. It will help your team to build effective working relationships, reduce team members’ role ambiguity, and find solutions to team problems. Moreover, all amenities you wish to have been with us. Cleanliness and hygiene will be our thing. Your time and money will be worth it with us we promise that.

We can organize any kind of event that the company requires. We will offer typical Moroccan food and live music after dinner. Just drop us a line and we will contact you to provide you with the ultimate final details. You just need to book and make reservations in advance to save yourself from traffic. You can bring your own food with yourself if you don’t like Morrocan food because there we only provide regional food and don’t have a very fancy menu to suit every diet. Don’t worry, Morrocan cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. Come to Kam Kam Dunes with your colleagues and family to enjoy the wonderful team building activity in the Sahara desert and live a never before an experienced trip.

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