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We organize Escape Tour in the middle of the Sahara Desert of Merzouga in our amazing camp. This is the perfect chance to discover the desert by yourself. Escape Tour is a unique way to have fun with friends and family. With the help of a map, you will wander through the desert, answering various questions, and completing fun assignments. If you pass the assignment successfully, you will get new clues that lead to another while running a fun race against the clock! Together with our instructors, you will learn to use the compass and navigate across the desert.

The Desert Escape Tour will then of course also be concluded with an awards ceremony! We can design different levels according to the ages and number of people. Be it any group of age, from older ages to the youngsters, we have everything stocked up. We always take care of your happiness. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on dunes with winds gushing through your hair and finding the next tip to be the winner. It’s a reality with us. Come and join this breath-taking experience in Kam Kam trek.

Wish you best luck and enjoy the tour at your best.

Escape Tour

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