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The best time to go to the Moroccan desert – Kam Kam Dunes

If you are planning your trip to the Moroccan desert, you are probably wondering when is the best time of the year to do so.

Of course.

There is nothing worse than being surprised when traveling to areas where the weather is one of the key ingredients for the adventure.

Anyone who is thinking about what is the best time to go to the Moroccan desert should know a few things.

To begin with, and although it may seem obvious, remember that the desert climate is characterized by strong thermal differences between day and night.

That is part of its charm and what makes a trip to the desert an unforgettable experience. The Moroccan desert offers an amazing natural landscape that will remain with you forever.

We know it well because our campsite is in the indigenous desert of “Erg Chebbi”, in the heart of the immense Sahara Desert. It is sometimes called the “Merzouga desert” because of its proximity to this town, which is the most famous in the area. Overall, in this desert of golden dunes where sunsets and sunrises take your breath away, the days are sunny, the nights are cool, and it rarely rains. Of course, when it rains, it rains hard. And watch out! Be prepared for some sandstorms. How else would these imposing dunes be formed? If you can’t wait to see them, check out our photo gallery. You will be able to see its colors and how much fun it is to race a quad bike through a sea of dunes, watch the sun rise on a camel or have tea at sunset. Well, let’s get down to business, the adventure awaits us.

When is the best season to go to the Moroccan desert?

To find out when is the best time to go to the Moroccan desert let’s start backwards: the worst time of the year to visit the Sahara Desert.

Indeed, in July and August it is pretty much like a boiler. That is the reason why our campsite is closed for these two months.

Although the ” Kam Kam Dunes ” tents, just like those of the Berbers, are made of dromedary skin materials by local craftsmen and designed to minimize the impact of the weather outside, the months of July and August are still very harsh.

Therefore, our advice is to leave the unique experience of sleeping in the desert for other less extreme dates.

Overall Moroccan climate

The Moroccan climate varies considerably depending on the geographical area.

Morocco enjoys a milder Mediterranean climate in the north, in the coastal area, and a more extreme one in the south, where the “Erg Chebbi” desert is located.

In our region, we have greater climatic contrasts than in areas where the sea winds balance the temperatures between day and night.

In the south of the country, where we are located, the weather is very hot and dry during most of the year, with cooler nights during the months of December and January.

The Erg Chebbi desert in particular

Anyway, what we were getting at.

If you ask us what is the best time to go to the Moroccan desert, we will tell you that it is from October to May, as in summer temperatures often reach 45⁰C.

We’d better specify a little more.

In autumn, temperatures in the Moroccan desert are mild throughout the day. During the day, the average temperature is a pleasant 25⁰C and at night the average is at 15⁰C, although they can sometimes drop as low as 5⁰C.

Nothing a winter pajama and a pair of socks can’t fix.

In winter (November, December, January, February), the Moroccan desert offers pleasant temperatures of 17-20⁰C during daylight hours. However, it may be freezing at night.

If you decide to come during this season, don’t forget to pack a good warm coat, and go ahead with everything the Moroccan desert has to offer. In fact, the December new year’s eve is one of the favorite dates for Americans and Europeans to come.

In spring, the temperature in the Moroccan desert is already rising. During the day the average is 30⁰C, although at times it can reach 40⁰C. At night the temperatures are very pleasant, and they are the perfect company to contemplate a thousand-star sky while chilling in our hammocks.

Watch out for spring and its famous sandstorms. They only happen sporadically, but when they do, they are very powerful. Luckily, all our tents are equipped with shower, private bathroom, toiletries and towels.

As we have already mentioned, summer is not the best time to go to the desert.

It is just as you imagine it: that is, a show. The thermal differences between day and night are enormous. During the day, the temperature sometimes even exceeds (brace yourself) 46⁰C and at night it reaches as low as 10⁰C.

It has already become clear that the temperatures in this desert area are quite unique and something to bear in mind when choosing the best time to go to the Moroccan desert.

Now, let’s move on to what can make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime event without the weather being a drawback.

We want your visit to Morocco, and especially your stay at “Kam Kam Dunes”, to be an adventure that takes you away from your daily routine without compromising comfort.

Here we go.

Our recommendations to go to the Moroccan desert

Grab a pen and paper and write down your must-haves to go to the desert. Those clothes that will make your trip to the Moroccan desert simply perfect.

Write down.

Comfortable clothing for traveling to the Moroccan desert

You are on an adventure trip in the desert, so come prepared with boots or other suitable walking shoes.

And as you already know, the temperatures here are kind of funny, so: light outfits for the day and thicker ones for the evenings.

Add a warm coat and, if you come in the middle of winter, a scarf will be the best accessory to spend a perfect evening around a campfire late in the day. The perfect setting for quiet moments over wine or tea.

In any case, at Kam Kam Dunes we have some very warm blankets for you.

Turban and cap: two must-haves in the desert

Surely in your memory you have images of the Berbers with those turbans that cover their heads, necks and part of their faces to protect them from the sand blown by the wind.

As you know, the Sahara is a region that is subject to prevailing winds, so you can encounter moderate to strong winds that cause the well-known sandstorms. Hence, the locals wear turbans.

Don’t be shy and get one of them or bring a large scarf to protect you from wind and sun radiation.

It is also recommended that you bring a cap or hat to protect you from the desert sun.

Regardless of the indications we have just given you regarding the best time to go to the Moroccan desert, we advise you to check the weather forecast before coming so that you can adjust your luggage to perfection.

We do not want anything to overshadow the tours we organize through the genuine villages of Erg Chebbi, the cycling tours or the sunrises on a dromedary.

And one last thing: watch out for the Moroccan desert, it’s a real hook.

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