Paseo en camello por el desierto

Everything you need to know before your trip to the Moroccan desert

If you have a trip to the Moroccan desert on your bucket list, chances are your mind is picturing sights like riding a camel in the orange sand dunes with a turban in the wind.

Or maybe you are attracted by the silence and the immensity of its starry sky.

Whatever the reason, what is clear is that a trip to the desert is not just any experience but a special experience: of its remote location, its extreme climate, and its exuberant nature, nothing like other habitats on the planet.

And of course, a special trip requires special preparation, so we have prepared a list of questions you should ask yourself before setting out on your trip to the Moroccan desert.

Let’s get down to business.

What is the best desert in Morocco?

Trip to the Moroccan desert

Let’s start at the beginning: in the Moroccan Sahara there are three deserts and, depending on what you are looking for, one or the other will suit you.

The Agafay desert is the closest to Marrakech, the city through which most travelers usually pass. However, you should know that it has no dunes but is a desert climate plateau with more stone than sand.

We also have Erg Chigaga, which is already almost 400 km from Marrakech: its dunes are fine, but there are still a lot of stone extensions.

And we arrived at the jewel in the crown: Erg Chebbi, where Kam Kam Dunes is located; we are 550 kilometers from Marrakech, but we assure you that the immensity of its dunes makes the trip very worthwhile.

And of course, this should lead you to your next question….

How to get to the Sahara Desert in Morocco?

The most comfortable way to reach the Moroccan desert is with a driver who knows the terrain from one of the main tourist destinations such as Marrakech or Fez.

We offer it and it is a very enjoyable service because it allows you to relax and enjoy the scenery. Our drivers are excellent guides and know the itinerary and its interesting stories perfectly.

You can also rent a car and drive yourself or take a bus to Merzouga, in Erg Chebbi.

Alternatively, you can fly to Errachadia airport, from where you have a two-hour drive to Merzouga. If you like the time savings involved, check the flights carefully, the frequency is discreet.

Now that you have arrived…

What are the best activities to do on a trip to the Moroccan desert?

There are all kinds of activities you can do in the Moroccan desert that you should not miss; from the queen of experiences that is the camel ride, sandboarding, riding the dunes on a quad bike, and even asking your sweetheart for her hand.

And of course, stay in an authentic and chic camp like Kam Kam Dunes.

We tell you a little more about the accommodation.

What is the best accommodation in the Moroccan desert?

As you can imagine, we are going to recommend you to stay in the middle of the desert in a camp, the more authentic the better.

This does not mean that you have to give up comforts such as having a haima just for you with a private bathroom, all nicely decorated and with luxury amenities; it is what some call glamping and Kam Kam Dunes is just like that.

To sleep in a haima built in the traditional way and with all the details in the purest Moroccan style, but with a boho-chic touch like ours, there is no reason to be uncomfortable.

In Erg Chebbi there are more camps, yes, but in most of them you have to share a tent. They are usually western made and decorated and many of them are not close to the dunes.

Camp in the Moroccan desert

What is the best time to travel to the Moroccan desert?

This one is easy: the worst time for a trip to the Moroccan desert is summer.

As you can imagine, the temperatures are hellish. In fact, Kam Kam Dunes is closed during the months of July and August.

And the best time to go to the Moroccan desert? Undoubtedly the months from October to May are the most pleasant here because the heat is not so hot and at night it is not yet cold.

What should I pack for a trip to the Moroccan desert?

Camel ride in the desert

Whenever you come, there are must-haves to include in your suitcase on a trip to the Moroccan desert. Take note:

  • A head scarf or a cap, but better the scarf because if there is a blizzard it protects you better.
  • Sun protection cream.
  • A water bottle with a filter for refilling.
  • Long sleeves in case it gets cooler at night or to protect you from the sun.
  • If you come in winter, a warm coat and long-sleeved pajamas for the evenings.
  • Comfortable shoes to move around the sand with ease.
  • Good camera, because the chromatic spectacle deserves it.
  • If you get dizzy, pills to prevent dizziness.

This and a good dose of adventurous spirit.

And speaking of going on an adventure….

Can I improvise my trip to the Moroccan desert or should I book in advance?

Unless you are pressed for time, book everything you can from home: transportation, experiences and, of course, accommodation.

Although Morocco is a safe country and its people are very friendly, it is no fun to have surprises such as ending up sleeping with 20 other people in a plastic haima or taking twice as long to arrive because you have ridden in a vehicle that makes a thousand stops.

Moreover, if you want to make sure that your trip to the biggest desert of Morocco as Erg Chebbi is an unforgettable experience, you can hire one of our tours or contact us and we will design one for you.

Are you in?

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