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The 5 musts of any tour in Morocco

A tour in Morocco is a fantastic experience because in only a few days you will visit places influenced by various civilizations.

From Phoenicians and Romans to French and Spaniards have passed through the country. And the Berbers, of course. Just to mention some of the cultures that have left their mark on the country.

A tour in Morocco has the added bonus of affordable prices. In addition, it is very well connected by land, sea, and air. And not least: its people are some of the most hospitable you will find anywhere in the world.

The issue is the same as always: where to start because there is a lot to do.

That’s why in this post we bring you some of the must-sees that every tour in Morocco must have.

Let’s get down to business.

The essentials of a good Morocco tour

Let’s start by saying that they are not all there are, nor are they all there are. Morocco is very large and it is difficult to choose.

Unless you are staying for a month or more, which is highly unlikely.

What this list does contain are places that are a must on any route through Morocco. Those that you have to visit sometime in your life.

Let’s begin.

#1 Casablanca: a good starting point for a tour of Morocco

We wanted to put Casablanca at the top of the list because it is the largest city in the country because geographically it is an excellent starting point for a route through Morocco, and because there are many flights going there.

You have to know something important. It is a city where djellabas coexist with western tie suits and branded accessories.

You know, Morocco is a country of contrasts.

As is the case with so many historic port metropolises, its architecture is eclectic: with mosques, medinas, modern buildings, and French colonial Art Deco buildings.

How to deal with such a monster?

One way to do it to capture all its essence is to walk around the old medina and the ramparts. Then you can go to the new medina, in the Quartier Habous. By the way, put yourself in “bargaining mode”, you’re going to need it.

There are two unique sites in Casablanca that are well worth being on any tour of Morocco:

  • The Great Mosque of Hassan II for being the only one in Morocco where non-Muslims can enter, the second largest religious building in the world, second only to Mecca!
  • The Jewish Museum of Casablanca, the only Jewish museum in the Muslim world and where you can see the weight of Jewish heritage in the history of the country.

#2 Marrakech: a must on any Morocco tour

Yes, Marrakech has to be there. And not only in a tour of Morocco but on your bucket list.

It may seem exaggerated but the truth is that Marrakech is a feast for the senses. Chaotic and precious at the same time has plans for all tastes and budgets, but always maintains an enigmatic point that engages.

Here the important thing is to let yourself be carried away in activities such as getting lost in the medina and trying some of the sweet or savory delicacies sold in the many stalls that you will find along the way.

You can start your visit to the medina from the bustling and exotic Jemaa el Fna Square, which you should visit both day and night. Or at sunset, which also has its own.

Another winning plan is to approach the Bay Palace and explore its courtyards, halls, and chambers.

Staying in a Moroccan riad, indulging in a hammam or spending some time admiring the historic Le Jardin Secret are experiences with a mix of culture and pleasure that in Marrakech are lived in a special way.

Marrakech Tour

#3 The Sahara: no tour of Morocco is complete without it

From Marrakech to Erg Chebbi is an interesting itinerary with several worthwhile stops before reaching the Sahara. It is one of the most powerful attractions of a Morocco tour.

If you have time, make a stop to visit the cinematic and timeless Kasbah Ait Ben Hadu and Ouarzazat or Desert Gate at least, which are two symbols of the country.

But, what we were getting to: Erg Chebbi is the desert in Morocco with the largest dunes.

The nearest town is Merzouga, the last sign of civilization you see before reaching your accommodation. Needless to say, we recommend you to come to Kam Kam dunes. A bivouac where we have individual haimas with private bathrooms included that do not lack detail.

The unmissable adventure here is to ride a camel for a ride across the vast expanses of sand, watch the sunset and return to the camp to enjoy a fantastic dinner under a starry sky.

The silence of the desert, a cup of tea or a glass of wine in hand and a fire in the middle of the Sahara night… It is that kind of experience that makes you have one of those moments of… “How far away is my home”.

Sahara Desert Tour

#4 The Dades Gorges: the must-see valley on a tour of Morocco

Morocco’s nature is fascinating. Therefore, any tour should not miss some of its most characteristic places such as the Dades Valley and Todra Gorges.

Also known as the Road of the Thousand Kasbahs, it is a spectacular itinerary where you can cross winding roads that test the sense of perspective, tones in the full range of earth tones and meet hundreds of kasbahs that dot the route.

If you are the intrepid type, you can drive yourself, and if you prefer to observe the scenery, we can take you with an experienced driver. He knows the terrain like the back of his hand.

#5 Fez: the icing on the cake of a Morocco tour with a little bit of everything

After the feast of nature in the Sahara and the Dades Valley, Fez is a wonderful place to come back to reality.

As a good Moroccan city, street life is an experience in itself. And yes, you should go in with the mindset that getting disoriented is part of the fun. You are (almost) certain to lose spatial reference at some point.

What you should not miss in Fez is the Chouwara tannery, a place where the dyes and leather give off a peculiar smell that will stay in your olfactory memory forever.

Touring the medieval old city and its vibrant medina, marveling at the emblematic tiles of the Bou Inania or Attarine Medersas, or taking pictures of the façade of the seven gates of the Royal Palace are three of the must-sees of Fez.

Morocco tour visiting the Medina

There is not only one Morocco tour

We finish this list of essential places that should be included in a route through Morocco as we started it: recognizing that it is not easy to condense the best of the country.

We are aware that we have left out wonders such as Tetouan or Meknes, which are also World Heritage Sites. And there can be as many itineraries in Morocco as there are people.

What is clear is that any of them must include at least one imperial city and the desert; these two are non-negotiable.

If you want to make a Morocco tour according to your expectations or join one of our regular tours, just contact us and we will get to work.

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