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Do you love MTB and bicycling? Do you want to take your cycle adventures to the next level? Kam Kam Dunes gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Enjoy a nice sunny morning with a nice cycle MTB tour. You’ll see the endless desert and will be able to explore it to an astonishing new depth that we guarantee you didn’t experience before coming here. The endless world of Sahara and its fauna awaits your arrival.

In this tour that we planned prices include lunch and an experienced guide. You have two options for bikes. You can either go traditional or you can ask for fat-tire bikes. ​The price of our MTB and Bicycling packages starts at 100 euro per person. As we all know that cycling is always better enjoyed with the company, we highly encourage you to bring your friends, families, and loved ones along with you for long-lasting memories to take home. Following this motto, we actively offer a discount for groups.

Kam Kam Dunes is waiting for your tracks to leave its signature on the everlasting sand sea of Sahara. We hope that you will take the time to visit us and allow us to thrill you with our hospitality. And mark our words that this experience in Kam Kam Dunes would be second to none.

MTB and bicycling

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