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If you plan for it, we can organize a tour of Morocco so that you can visit different cities with ease or an enduro journey around Merzouga and our province giving you the chance to have a glimpse of the life of people in these different cities. On the other hand, you can choose to take a different approach and we can prepare itineraries as varied as anywhere else in the world. We have various options like the desert, dunes, trails, Single-track Mountains, gorges, visiting berbere villages, and nomad camps.

Kam Kam Dunes is around the rally tracks of Paris-Dakar so enduro riding here is one of our core activities. Through narrow passes, it goes to Marrakech. Enduro tours usually have a minimum of 3 nights. But if you ask for expert advice, we would recommend around 7 – 8 nights enduro off-road itinerary across Morocco. This allows you to truly merge into this experience and harvest a great chunk of memories.

We partner up with the best licensed and professional enduro tour guides in the area, and usually, we offer KTM rental Enduro bikes. We can assure you that you won’t miss out on anything important throughout your enduro tour. You will find many good people around you and perhaps you could make some friends too.

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