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Do you love cooking and want to experience something new at the camp? Kam Kam Dunes is the perfect place for that. In Kam Kam Dunes, we provide a workshop on this. You will gradually learn Moroccan cooking in a private workshop. You will find it enjoyable and it will make you feel like a local cook. The following items are included in the workshop.

  • visiting the store of organic tea and mint tea shop
  • know about the spices of Morocco
  • a workshop on bread which will be included with vegetables, fruit, and salad
  • on lunch (main dish), which will be prepared by our chief chef
  • get a tour in the market for ecological market

You can explore many things in Morocco’s cooking and enhance your experience like local cooking in the kitchen with Kam Kam dunes. This is a private workshop and we recommend you to be prepared with all necessaries and enjoy it. Please contact us before you make a plan for this. We are ready to warmly welcome you in the field of the enjoyable local cuisine workshop. This is something that can only be measured by experience. And we are prepared to have you a great experience.


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