Tour Morocco 5 days

Our proposal for a 5 day Morocco tour

If you are looking for a five-day tour of Morocco where you can get to know how varied the country is, today we bring you a proposal that we at Kam Kam Dunes work a lot by popular demand.

And it is understandable because it covers the jewel in the crown that is Marrakech and the other pearl of the country: the immense dunes of Merzouga, its largest and most exotic desert.

Moreover, if someone who knows the terrain like the back of his hand organizes the tour, the getaway gives you many more wonders that you can visit, from Marrakech to the desert.

Are you joining us?

Before starting the 5 days Morocco tour

Before going into the stops included in our proposal for a five-day Morocco tour, some exciting details will help you understand your trip and how to plan it to make it a complete experience.

To begin with, you should choose whether to go on your own or to put yourself in the hands of a specialized company. For example, in Kam Kam Dunes, we have a lot of experience in some routes like the one we bring you today.

We pick you up at the departure point, and a driver and guide take you to each of the stops without worrying about anything but opening your five senses.

If it sounds good for you to be taken by the hand, another issue is whether you do it in a private or shared tour. As you can imagine, a five-day tour of Morocco exclusively for you gives you much more than going on a bus with a group since you save time at stops and waiting.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who want to raise your adventurous level and decide to go of your own free will, you have to know that plying the Moroccan roads requires some driving skills and more planning because you are going without a guide.

You don’t have to be Carlos Sainz, but you have to be a bit fearless.

And another essential thing before visiting Morocco for five days or five minutes: leave your prejudices at home; the cultural richness of a country through which several civilizations have passed is enormous, and coming with preconceptions is useless.

And now, let’s go with this five-day tour of Morocco.

5-day tour of Morocco to live a little bit of each

The best thing about Morocco is that you find beautiful cities full of history and nature of the most exotic in the same country.

And that is precisely what this tour of Morocco has.

Let’s go with it.

5 days tour of Morocco: days 1 and 2 – From Marrakech to Dades Valley

As we said, Marrakech is a must in the country that you should not miss. Besides, it is very likely that you will fly there.

And like any great destination, it deserves a minimum of two days so you can enjoy its must-see places.

The things to do in Marrakech are its bustling medina, get lost in its picturesque souks, stroll through the iconic Jemaa-el-Fna square, and pick you up at the Ben Youssef Madrasa and drink one of its delicious teas.

Picture of Marrakech

In Marrakech, there are many hotels, although we like the atmosphere of the riads and that is why we advise you to spend the night in one of them.

After the fabulous Marrakech, the next day, we head south to reach the Dades Gorges in the Atlas Mountains.

And on the way?

On the way, there are several exciting stops; we would say emblematic:

  • Kasbah Ait Ben Hadu, a fortress inhabited by Berbers composed of exceptionally well-preserved clay constructions.
  • Ouarzazat, or the Desert Gate, is so-called because it is considered the entrance to the Sahara and where movies and series such as Lawrence of Arabia and Game of Thrones have been filmed.

And from the Moroccan Hollywood, the best thing to do is to go to the Dades Valley to spend the night, but not before enjoying a typical dinner; Moroccan cuisine is delicious and should be part of the adventure.

5 Days Morocco Tour: day 3 – From Dades Valley to Erg Chebbi

The third day of this five-day Morocco tour is dedicated to two objectives: exploring the Dades Valley and reaching Erg Chebbi, Morocco’s largest desert and home to Kam Kam Dunes.

To give you an idea of what to expect in the valley, here’s a geography note: the Dades is a river that rises high in the Atlas Mountains and runs between mountains until it flows into the Draa River.

On those winding roads that go through gorges, you feel like an Indiana Jones-like explorer on a set.

And the landscape is full of lush nature ranging from palm groves to vertical reddish walls, passing through small villages where you can stop to regain strength before continuing to the desert.

At the end of the day comes a great moment: the first time you see the giant dunes of Erg Chebbi and sleep in the desert.

Spending the night in the Sahara is already an experience in itself. But if you can do it in a luxury camp with Kam Kam Dunes, where the haimas are private, all have their own bathroom and a more than comfortable bed; it is the best.

Beds in Kam Kam Dunes, desert camp in Morocco

5 Days Morocco Tour: Day 4 – Erg Chebbi 100%

The fourth day of this five-day Morocco tour is dedicated to Erg Chebbi, which is a lot of fun.

A full day, with its sunrise and sunset, we want you to be able to take a ride around the camp on the back of a camel and admire the colors of the desert sky and the number of stars that can be seen here.

During the day, there are plenty of adventures for all tastes.

Quad biking in the sand, sandboarding, hiking, or mountain biking are some of the favorite activities for the more sporty.

Also, for the more laid back, there are experiences that you can only live here, such as visiting a Berber village or visiting a non-touristy market.

And to end the day, a shower in your haima and a good dinner is the perfect preamble to the luxury of contemplating the sky around a bonfire or dancing to the rhythm of live drums.

Night picture in the desert

Morocco 5 days tour: day 5 – Farewell to Erg Chebbi and return home

If you didn’t see the sunrise the day before, this is your last chance. So, get up early and attend the show; you can sleep on the way back if you want.

It’s time to pack your bags and return to Marrakech to catch your flight back.

The good thing about the trip, apart from the scenery, is that you have time to think about what you have experienced the last few days: what you liked the most, where you would have spent more time and what you would change. This way, you already have material to plan your next visit.

And here we conclude our particular five-day tour of Morocco in which you can get to know the cream of the country.

If our proposal is music to your ears, but you are looking for more or fewer days, if you also want to visit cities like Fez or you have another idea in mind, contact us by email or arrange a video call with us; we will design a route for you.

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