Interior de una Jaima en el campamento Kam Kam Dunes de Merzouga

4 reasons to travel to the Moroccan desert in October 2021

Wanting to travel?

So do we. We can’t wait to get moving again and especially to be able to welcome you at Kam Kam Dunes.

We are really looking forward to that moment when you arrive at the camp and you are blown away by the dunes, our stylish tents, and the silence of the desert.

Girl at the Sahara Tents in October at the Sahara Desert of Merzouga in Morocco at Kam Kam Dunes.
Kam Kam Dunes in October

A desert of endless golden dunes where the Berbers wearing their headscarves welcome you with tea.

Soon, you won’t have to just dream about it anymore.

Before you know it, you’ll be packing your bags feeling that excitement and euphoria that you miss so much.

All signs indicate that if not sooner, by October 2021, you will be able to travel to the Moroccan desert, guaranteed. Besides, this is one of the best months of the year here in Morocco.

Keep reading if you want to know the four reasons why coming to the Moroccan desert in October is an excellent idea, especially this year.

Let’s get to it!

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    1 The weather in Morocco in October is a real treat

    If there is a perfect month out of the year to come to the indigenous desert of Erg Chebbi in the heart of the Sahara… it’s October.

    In October, the weather lets you enjoy all the activities that the desert has to offer without suffering the heat or the sandstorms.

    During the day you can wear short sleeves or cool off in the pool of a kasbah because temperatures average 25⁰C at noon.

    adventure desert morocco october buggy

    The desert temperature in Morocco at this time of the year is mild all day long and the autumn light dyes the landscapes with a range of colors that make you want to never go back to civilization.

    At night, the temperature is about 15⁰C, the ideal temperature to spend the evening around a campfire gazing at the millions of stars that can be seen in the darkness of the desert.

    Night at Kam Kam Dunes in October, Morocco full of stars in the Sahara Desert
    Night at Kam Kam Dunes in October, Morocco

    Oh, and another thing that may seem small, but is definitely a plus, is that there are less flies than in the middle of summer.

    2 Traveling to the Moroccan desert in October 2021 will be a unique experience.

    Although the boutique glamping atmosphere of Kam Kam Dunes is the opposite of crowded, October 2021 in the Moroccan desert is going to be particularly quiet.

    This year, the Moroccan desert will be like in the 50’s. No crowds and a higher availability of activities. These are some of the advantages during this period until tourism volume returns to that of 2019, which will happen.

    In the pre-covid era the Columbus Day weekend was one of the Americans’ favorites to make a getaway to the desert. In fact, it is the most popular time for repeat visitors to come to Kam Kam Dunes, for those who get hooked on sleeping in the desert and visit us over and over again.

    Although we are already getting some reservations, the volume of travelers will not be particularly high and in the end it will be like having the desert all to yourself.

    3 The vaccination campaign in Morocco in October 2021 will be well underway

    We know the state of the pandemic is something very important to consider when traveling to the Moroccan desert in October 2021.

    This is totally normal.

    This is where we bring good news because the vaccination campaign in Merzouga, the nearest town, is going very well.

    It started in February and keeps going strong.

    As you may know, there are access restrictions in the country and also between some regions that are expected to be lifted in the coming months.

    In fact, there are events as important as the Titan Desert (yes, that cycling event for supermen) that have been scheduled for mid-October, because everything indicates that by then we will be able to travel freely.

    At most, you may not be able to move around in shared transportation. But this is not a problem because we take care of everything.

    Basically, going on a private tour is a blessing. It is much more comfortable and faster because you don’t have to adapt to the needs of a large group and the schedules are just your own. Not to mention that our drivers are excellent guides, something that you can’t get on a bus.

    Private car 4wd tour at the Sahara Desert with Kam Kam Dunes in Merzouga
    Private tour at the Sahara Desert with Kam Kam Dunes

    Being fully aware of the COVID-19 crisis and the importance of complying with sanitary measures, at Kam Kam Dunes we have done our homework and have obtained the “Safe Travel” certification.

    So this is something you don’t have to worry about, we’ll take care of it for you.

    4 Flexibility in our booking policy

    #4 Flexibility in our booking policy H2

    And now we come to one of the biggest questions for any traveler these days.

    What happens to my reservation money if the authorities restrict travel to Morocco again?

    Touchy subject.

    Well, as expected, we have made changes in our reservation and cancellation policy, which are now much more flexible.

    Before the virus appeared on the scene, at Kam Kam Dunes we did not give refunds. We allowed changes, but not cancellations, up to 30 days before the date of your reservation.

    Blessed were the days when we had guarantees a month ahead.

    Now, things have changed.

    That’s why we adapt to the circumstances. As Bruce Lee said: “Be water, my friend.”

    We have designed special conditions for reservations from May 2021 onwards.

    Take note because you will like them.

    When you make your reservation, we will ask you for a 20% deposit and 10 days before arrival the remaining 80%.

    Easy, isn’t it?

    And what happens if you can’t make it?

    Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen; but if it does, we’ve got it all figured out.

    If you have only paid the 20% deposit, we will give you a transferable voucher that you (or whoever you decide) can use for the next 3 years.

    However, if you have paid 100% of the deposit, we have two options.

    Let’s check them out.

    Option 1: you must cancel between the 9th and the 3rd day before the scheduled check in. In this case we will issue you a voucher for 20% of the deposit and we will refund the remaining 80%. Remember that the voucher is valid for 3 years and is transferable.

    Option 2: cancellation must be made 3 days before your arrival or sooner. We will refund 80% but not the deposit. (The deposit cannot be refunded as the driver will have already started his trip from the desert to pick you up in your city and probably some of the ingredients for your meal have already been purchased… ! !)

    We hope this helped you see why traveling to the Moroccan desert in October 2021 will be something historic.

    For all these reasons, we are very excited about the future, and it seems that we are not the only ones because we are having reservations starting in September. We already have very limited availability for some dates.

    That’s it, for now. 😉

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