Beds and Room Configuration

Its always good to have some idea about the tent before landing. So, read on to know about the beds and room configuration of the tent at Kam Kam Dunes. We make sure whoever comes to Kam Kam dunes gets the best out of this place. Our customer’s comfort and safety is our topmost priority. And we try our best in every situation to make everyone comfortable.

Because many people come with friends all the rooms can be double (1 big bed), Twin (two separated beds) or triple (three separated beds) or triple with one big bed and one single bed ideally for families.

Please note that in case of extra people when there is a shortage of beds in a particular tent, we can provide a double bed or put two beds together. But expect a minimal separation between them.

Else, if notified of an advanced time period, then we can also arrange for extra tents for your group for better privacy. But all the extra amenities will require some extra fees which you will have to bear. So, talk to our trip executives prior to planning all this. Plan early for the best service. Also, check the images to know more about the beds and room configuration of the tent.

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