What are the hotels in Dades included in the tour?

We from Kam Kam Dunes collaborate with many hotels in different cities and so do we in Dades. Mentioned below are the hotels in Dades that we work with. If you want we can make detailed travel plans and book the required hotel if we collaborate with them. In such a case, we would call you and ask for your ideas and thoughts. Then we would incorporate those to make a detailed travel plan that would suit your needs the best. This can incorporate your meals, your hotels, the routes that you take, the transport method you use, the activities you take part in, and many more.

Therefore it is very important to mention that all these services mentioned above like the hotels and several means of transport, lunches, many activities would be counted as extra. And it will cost you accordingly as per the price in the market outside the cost of staying at the camp. A thing to note here is that if any customer asks for it specifically then booking can also be arranged outside these hotels that we work with.

  • Hotel Xaluca Dades
  • Chez Pierre
  • La perle du dades
  • Dar Blues

So, let us know this while booking and we will do the needful.

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