What does it mean “a private tent”?

At Kam Kam Dunes, we prioritize private spaces and alone time at the top. Hence we provide every guest with a private tent which means that you will have your own tent in the camp. You won’t sleep with anyone else inside your haima. Enjoy your privacy.

We will also provide each tent with a shower and a toilet inside only for you. Kam Kam Dunes has only 11 tents so we ensure that the place never gets crowded with many people. Therefore, it is better to book your slots before anyone else does. Situations where the tents become full, bookings will automatically be ceased and no bookings will be taken for whatever reason. Please check out the images of the tent to have a better idea.

We have our own restaurant. And, you can expect all the popular and delicious Moroccan dishes here, somtimes fusioned with Spanish cousine. Mint tea, the most popular drink is also available here. So, plan a trip soon and contact us at the earliest to get the best service at your private tent.

If you want to privatise the camp only for you, kindly contact us at

info@kamkamdunes.com and we will send you a quote.

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