Mobile phones and signal at the desert

Staying connected during travel is vital. And if you are planning for a trip to Morocco, this should not be an exception. But, using your home network in Morocco is really costly. And this is why most of the tourists prefer to use a local SIM card for their mobile phones to stay in touch with other family members. Here are some important pieces of information regarding this.

  • Morocco has mainly 3 large mobile network operators and those are Maroc Telecom, Inwi, and Orange. Most of them offer similar deals. However, we recommend you opt for the Orange SIM card. As this is the only one to provide a bit of 3G signal in the desert and Merzouga area as well.
  • Maroc Telecom is the largest mobile network of the mentioned three here. They offer good services. However, it may cost you a bit more and the 3G signal at the desert is very low.
  • Orange is the second largest network in Morocco. This one too has good coverage in most of the places. And it will cost you around MAD 200. We recommend this network since it has more chance to get network internet at the desert.
  • Inwi is the smallest of the three mobile networks. This SIM card is perfect if you belong to the Asian countries.
  • Airport and Tobacco kiosks are the best places to buy a SIM card.

Note: The tourists are required to show their passport to buy Mobile phones SIM card in Morocco. Also, the seller will take a picture of your passport. This is nothing but a rule in Morocco.

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