What should we wear when travelling at the desert?

Wondering what to wear in the desert? Here are some guides for that. The temperature of the desert area is different from any other area in the world.

There is extreme heat in the day and extreme cold at night. The temperature in the day may rise up to 50 degrees celcius, and at night the temperature reaches minus. As we generate our power with solar panels, it will be quite impossible for us to provide AC. So don’t bring anything which may create pressure on the solar power system.

For coping with this temperature, we recommend you bring and wear warm clothes for night and cooler clothes for the day so that, you don’t get ill and can enjoy your tour. Some nights on December may require a scarf and a jacket.

As you are on an adventurous tour in the desert, you may need boots for walking or any type of sensible shoe of your choice. As you will live in tents, winter pyjamas and winter socks can help you. If you bring a torchlight, it will be helpful in case of an emergency and to walk during the night. Hench for further inquiry, contact us without any hesitation.

Remember that depending the season and the day the weahter can change a lot, so we recommend to check the weather in advance to see what temperatures to expect.

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