Is Wi-Fi available in the desert?

Kam Kam Dunes is situated far from any urban area. And on top of that, the area is pretty much secluded and doesn’t have any other facilities. So the answer is No. You won’t be able to get any type of 3G/4G/5G signal unlike other parts of Morocco. We do not have a Wi-Fi service at our location because the location is quite outside of human civilization. Also, there is no telecom company interested in service in this region. But please note, sometimes, and depending on the wind and many factors, you might be able to get a 3G signal of ORANGE. So if you have an ORANGE sim card with 3G you may get internet. Forfeits are not expensive, around 5 – 10 Eur for 2GB.

Also note that to get your own Orange sim card, you will be asked to show your identity card and passport. To, get the sim for yourself, you will have to submit the photocopy of the above-mentioned documents. So, please bring a copy of each with you in case you plan on having one. Even though Wi-Fi or internet service is not available here, but you will feel bore for a single moment. That’s guaranteed.

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