How Many people in the shared minibus tour?

The Shared minibus tour is one of the popular parts of this stay. It is a good way to roam around & have a very nice view of the desert. At the same time, it is a comparatively cost-efficient method. For a person who wants to see the dunes up close, this can be the perfect opportunity. This tour would give them a vivid feel of the desert. Moreover, the people who are coming with the company will have a great time on such a tour.

But just the name implies the tour, in this case, is in fact “shared”. The number of passengers in this shared minibus tour can vary from 12 to 15 people. To be honest this number depends on different factors. What time of year it is, how the tourist pressure, and several other things are also coming to play in this case. Therefore if one is planning to have some quality time to himself, this tour is simply not a great idea for him. A very important thing to notice here is that not all the passengers on the mini-bus are from the same travel agencies. They do not stay at the same hotel and therefore they are not all in the same camp as well.

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