What is the currency in morocco

If you have planned a trip to the beautiful place of Morocco, you must be aware of the Moroccan currency Dirham beforehand (MAD). Dirham is a closed currency. That is, the tourists can buy this currency only after arriving in Morocco. And, it is considered illegal to carry Dirham to Morocco from any other countries.

Roughly, 1 Euro = 11 dirham and 1 USD = 10 dirham.

This is the exchange rate. This rate may fluctuate anytime. However, Moroccan currency dirham actually does not change radically in a day or month.

The best place to convert your money is the Airport and ATMs. ATMs are located here and there.  And this is the easiest way to get your money converted. Though, you should be ready to provide some small fee for that.

  • The notes are available in the denomination of 20dh, 50dh, 100dh, 200dh, and so on.
  • The coins are available in the denomination of 1dh, 2dh, 5dh, and 10 dh.

Most of the restaurants and big shopping places accept credit cards. Also, Euros are accepted by many of the Moroccans. You are suggested to carry some change as tipping or ‘Bakhsheesh’  are very popular there. Most of the services include tipping. So, you must be ready for that. In the southen part of Merzouga there are few places where accept credit card, we recommend to bring cash when travelling to Erfoud, Merzouga and the High Atlas.

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