People and culture

Morocco is a dream destination and visiting this heavenly country is like a dream come true. The tourists are flooded with loads of stuff to enjoy there and the local warm hospitality is really appreciable. The people and culture of Morocco is the blend of Arab and European style.  And, we all know about the excellent Arabian hospitality. But, Amazigh hospitality is even more popular and people in that area are really humorous, open and social. As a tourist, you can definitely expect excellent kindness and warm greeting all through the country.

Safety is another concern that comes to mind while visiting a new country.  And thankfully, that is maintained at the best in Morocco. However, be careful always to avoid the infrequent petty thief, scammers, and catcallers.

If you visit a family in Morocco and they invite you for lunch or dinner, you will be bound to collect a new amazing experience. You will be seated on the floor with a small table. You need to eat with your right hand. They usually do not use a fork or spoon. But, do not forget to carry some small gifts such as fruits, nuts or pastries.

Morocco is a Muslim country and they are conservative too. But, they are more relaxed as compared to other Islamic countries. And, you should always be respectful towards the people and culture of this country as a good sign of etiquette.  

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