What is Kam Kam’s cancellation policy?

Please note down the following T&C carefully. Kam Kam Dunes is very specific and strict with its cancellation policy. Hence, please note the following rules before you book any trip or package with Kam Kam Dunes. Please also note that any type of relaxation in the cancellation policy is not there for any type of customer. And Kam Kam Dunes has the right to change any of its rules prior to your booking without your knowledge.

Booking is not confirmed until the payment has been successful. Booking is non-refundable. A full charge will be applied when doing the booking. Each booking requires a lot of logistics to bring you into the desert. So, in the event of cancellation, the full amount will be still charged. If you let us know 30 days in advance we will issue a promo code for the amount of the booking to be used at Kam Kam Dunes for you or any friend in the next year. If the notice is less than 30 days the booking will be non-refundable. Travel insurance is not included. Please read all our terms and conditions here. However, all our staff is very polite and helpful. They will guide you in the best possible ways.

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