I want a private driver / shared group to arrive at Kam Kam Dunes

We offer several travel plans on our website. If you are having difficulty finding one that suits your need then you should contact and we will do our best to find suitable transportation for you. The two main options in such a case is hiring a private driver or to come in shared groups. Both of these have their positives and negatives. The private driver who is also a guide is a great option if you do not mind spending a bit extra for luxury. In this case, the schedule is yours to set. You have an experienced guide and you can decide when and where to stop for meals or to do some sightseeing. Here the biggest priority is your comfort.

On the other hand, the shared bus service is a bit nice to your wallet, while maintaining the dunes charms. Therefore it is highly recommended for students. The bus itself is a bit more comfortable than regular public transports. One downside is that the bus picks up tourists from several stops and also drops them off at different places. Ultimately your checking in time will be a bit late and under some circumstances, you might even miss one or two activities.

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