What food is available?

The head chef has full control over the food. He decides the menu for dinner and breakfast. Please ensure that whether your reservation includes dinner or not. Also, if you book via Online Travel Agencies, the dinner will not be included. But, if you do your reservation with Kam Kam Dunes, the dinner is included with your package. If the half board is not included with your package, you will have to pay 20 EUR  for the food for each person (drinks is not included with that). As Kam Kam Dunes is situated in a rural area and desert camp, there are no bars and restaurants around this area. So, there is no other dining option. The best option for you is to include your dining plan at the time of reservation. Before scheduling a booking please contact us in advance.

We have reputed chefs and for the sake of quality, our main chief designs the best food menu, where you will get the best local cuisine. Kindly note that, if you have allergic issues please bring your medicines with you. Because this place you are staying in is very far from the city area. As you are on an adventurous trip, we cannot fulfill any of your dietary preferences. Such as allergic, vegan, or vegetarian. Please do inform us before you arrive at Kam Kam Dunes.

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