Plane & Passport customs in Morocco

IMPORTANT PASSPORT CUSTOMS FOR TRAVELERS TO ENTER MOROCCO: ALWAYS ENSURE TO STAMP YOUR BOARDING PASS (PRINTED AT HOME) FROM THE CHECK-IN DESK. ALSO, ENSURE THAT YOUR BOARDING PASS IS STAMPED BY THE AIRLINE BEFORE HEADING TOWARDS THE SAFETY CONTROL. Non-Moroccan visitors always should carry their current passport to avoid any issue. However, the visa requirement is optional and it depends on your nationality. Very few countries require carrying a visa, please check Visa information prior the arrival in Morocco. As per 2020, a visa is not required by the Spanish citizens to enter Morocco. Here are some entry requirements and customs in Morocco that you should follow. Passport customs to enter Morocco:

·        Check that your passport includes an expiry date after the date of travel while arriving in Morocco. A paper must be filled at the entrance and exit of the Country. Also, it is vital that the PROFESSION box matches the arrival and departure.

·     As a visitor, you will be allowed 90 days of entry upon their arrival. Anyways, you can extend this if required. But this will be time taking process.

·        In case you have children traveling with you on your passport, affix a photo of your child in the passport.

Follow these tips strictly, otherwise, your entry to Morocco can get denied anytime.

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