I want to drive to Kam Kam Dunes, how do I arrive in the desert?

1. Traveling in a 4×4 or SUV car and you are willing to drive across the desert:

This is the most adventurous and exciting way to arrive in the desert. Your meeting point will be at the only petrol station in Merzouga “Afriquia” where our guide will be waiting for you. Our guide will then get in your car with you and give you some basic lessons on how to drive your car across the desert. After that he will direct you towards Kam Kam Dunes. Usually your car’s tyre pressure will need to be decreased to ensure greater ease of driving. Please ensure that you know how to activate the 4×4 mode of your car.

2. Travelling in a regular car:

Your meeting point will be at the only petrol station in Merzouga “Afriquia” where our guide will be waiting for you. Afterwards he will escort you to a car park where you can safely leave your car. From there a 4×4 car transfer is provided to travel to Kam Kam Dunes. On the following day a transfer will be provided to drive you back to the car park to collect your car (free of charge).

3. Travelling with a hired driver:

Please ask your driver to contact us in advance.

IMPORTANT: Please on the arrival day call us in the morning when you leave from your hotel so we can be in touch all the time! Kindly call us again two hours before you arrive in Merzouga. (Usually two hours before is when you are approaching the city, “ERFOUD”).

The meeting point will be in the AFRIQUIA petrol station in Merzouga. Once there we will organise the transfer into the desert.

So, arrive in the desert the way you want and explore everything at your best.

Note: solo travellers might be teamed up with other groups during transfer, plus you may have to wait to be transfered in a specific time within a time frame. We ask you to be patient.

Meeting point in google maps:



+212 6 61 53 31 22 | +212 6 11 95 64 69 | +212 6 19 93 26 35

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