Can I arrive by plane?

Yes! It is a preferable way to get to Kam Kam Dunes. You can definitely arrive by plane. By far this is the most peaceful way to get to the camp. The nearest airport is the Errachidia (ERH) Airport. The Royal Air Marco Airlines flies regularly between Errachidia & Casablanca. Which makes it a viable option to get to Errachidia efficiently. Then you have two options to go to the camp from the airport.

For starters, one can take cars which would cost roughly about 100 EUROs one way per car (as per our commerce department says). This is a good option because it takes only one and a half hours to make it to the camp. It is relatively more comfortable than some other options. The second possible way to get to the camp is to use a helicopter or a private plane. Those who don’t mind going the extra mile to chase style and comfort can give it a try. The place has enough support for this process. This would also be a good option if you simply want to avoid the long and time-consuming journey to the camp that the other methods offer. Therefore, this is by far the fastest and most luxurious way to arrive by plane.

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