Electricity & Hygiene rules in Morocco

Staying healthy and fit during a trip can make the trip even more fruitful. Even a small health issue like runny nose too can ruin the trip. If you have already booked a travel Insurance, that is very good. However, it is designed to resolve an issue and not to prevent anything. And we all know that prevention is better than cure. It is true that everything can’t be controlled. But, there are many things that can be checked beforehand. So, try following some simple electricity and hygiene rules during your trip. And it will make the trip brilliant.

Electricity and hygiene rules:

Electricity is like Spain, France or Italy.

220 v, sockets

Hygiene tips during a trip:

  • Always look for bottled drinking water and use that for teeth washing as well.
  • Avoid ice for better reasons.
  • If you love to drink juice or any other liquid, always enquire if they have added water in it.
  • Always eat peeled fruit.
  • Do not eat lettuce or salad that you suspect may have been washed with running water.
  • Stay away from eating anything raw.
  • Always carry a clinix, or a roll of toilet paper, so it can pass.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer Gel frequently.
  • Avoid big meals and raw meat, all well done.

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