Is Kam Kam Dunes closed in summer?

We all know that Kam Kam Dunes is situated in the desert area. And it is quite distant from the nearest urban place. Hence, the temperatures at these points can reach to unbearable limits sometimes. Therefore for the betterment of the customers and their health benefit, Kam Kam Dunes remains closed in summer during July & Aug because of the extreme sun. The temperatures can reach up to around 50 degrees Celcius. Thus, the risk of sunstroke in the middle of the Dunes increases with an increase in temperature.

But, we are opened from September the 6th until June the 30th!!! Also, We don’t recommend heading inside the desert in summer. People who are not used to this harsh environment can become fatally ill. The weather here is far worse than normal city weather. Most of the luxury camps are closed during summer because we cannot guarantee a comfortable and safe stay, especially with kids or old people. However, In June, we recommend only stepping into the desert once the sun is going down. The temperatures in those months become far more bearable compared to other months. And these temperatures can be easily enjoyed by the ages of all kinds. But still, we don’t recommend going out in the sun during these times too because you never know what might happen to you.

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