Dressing at the sahara desert of Morocco

Morocco is an Islamic country. So, when you start packing for a trip to this vivacious country, you may find it a bit tricky. Morocco is not always accompanied by the word conservative. Rather they are liberal too and you will find people there with all kinds of trendy dresses. Moroccan women are highly influenced by the Arab and European style. And women in the tourist’s places wear everything from a bikini to Burkhas. But, it always suggested staying covered for better reasons. People in the street will respect and look at you the way you are dressed. Here are some tips on dressing for a trip to Morocco.

Dressing tips for Erg Chebbi Dunes

  • Depending on the season, from November to March it can be very cold at thje desert nights. So we recommend a scarf and a Jacket.
  • Because there can be small animals and insectes we recommend closed toe shoes but not long boots. It must be comfortable but breethable.
  • Shorts are always fine. But, it’s good if you can pack long pants as well to fit in their culture greatly in some religious places.
  • On summer, autum and spring it can be very hot we recommend a cap or a hat.

Note: Always dress for the weather and season. The temperature usually drops at night time. So, pack something warm to stay safe and comfortable. Jacket, sweatshirts are some good options to carry with you. One more important tip is not to forget your sunglasses anyways.


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