Two nights at Kam Kam Dunes

Experience one of those activities staying at Kam Kam Dunes:

Activities to do staying at Kam Kam Dunes:

4WD Car desert tour: After breakfast at Kam Kam Dunes, the 4×4 adventure begins: our driver will drive some kilometers along the desert following the route of the Paris-Dakar rally.

We will visit a nomadic family and have tea with them. Then, we will do a quick visit to zinc mines nearby the desert. Before lunch, we will visit the town of Khemliya, where the locals will perform a show of a typical Sudanese exotic dance. After a Berber tea, we will go to Kasbah and enjoy lunch.

Afterwards, we can have a swim in the swimming pool. If you want more adventure, we can visit a few wild oasis towards the border, but if you are already tired you can stay and chill by the pool until the sun goes a bit down and transfer back to the camp.

Optionally (+ € 50 per person / hour) you can take a Quad (ATV) excursion.

Back to Kam Kam Dunes. On arrival at the camp, before the dinner, we will walk to the dunes and watch the sunset.

4WD Car desert tour: Price 50 EUR per person including lunch without drinks and car driver.

Time: We are flexible but usually starts at 9:00h and ends at 18:00h.

Optional: Quad (ATV) excursion: +50 € per person/hour with a guide.

Transfer to your own car: If you want the freedom of visiting Merzouga and the surroundings by yourself at your own peace, there is no problem at all! We will transfer you back to your car and we can arrange an hour for a meeting again and be transferred to the camp.

Time: Usually we transfer back to the camp between 16:00 to 18:00.

Price: No cost.

So, Plan your trip soon and enjoy to the fullest.

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