What else is provided for our stay at the tent?

We will provide with you all the basic amenities at the tent. You will have your personal beds for you. You will have your personal bathroom with a shower and toilets. Towels, linen, shampoo, and toiletries are provided for every person so that you don’t have to use someone else’s things. Also, these things can be changed on demand. So feel free to change the linens and other things you find any difficulty in.

The tents are made in a way to suit every type of person. Also, you should note that the place you will be staying in is quite harsh for maybe many of you. So, to a certain extent, everyone has to adjust a little bit at the tent. All the power sockets to charge phones and other devices are in the lounge and restaurant area. None will be there in your tent. So, you have to come outside if you want to charge your phone. On top of that please note that drinks, lunch, tips, and travel insurance are not included in all these. So, you have to either purchase on your own there from us extra or bring your own supplies.

We will try to serve you the best way possible to make your trip mesmerizing.

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