Can we arrive early?

Yes, any group/individual can arrive early at the Kam Kam Dunes. We are there to welcome you at all times. Whatever time you decide to come please don’t select the hours when the sun is at its peak. In those times we won’t be able to take you to the desert. Also, you will not be able to be transferred into the desert because the temperature is very high from 16:00 to 18:00 depending on the season. Therefore, check-in starts when the sun goes down. We strongly recommend that checking-in should be done during sunset hours.

But in any case, if you arrive early, we can organize the tour in the dunes with lunch for 50 euro per person. The tour will give you a short trip around the Kam Kam dunes camp. Also, it has pre-planned activities and a food menu on it. That includes a private driver and lunch in a Kasbah with a nice swimming pool. Also, you should remember that We NEVER serve LUNCH in the camp. Your lunch will be provided to you during your trip hours at some specified places only, so make sure you plan according to the given lunch timings and places.

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