Does ramadan affect tourists in Morocco

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan, its almost as any other month for the tourism. Even that some things needs to be considered.

This holiday is concluded as Eid al-Fitr. The Moroccans being a Muslim country celebrate this festival greatly. The Muslims observe fasting during this time from sunset to sunrise. They refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking between sunrise and sunset. Also, changes are made in the shop opening and closing time. The restaurants too serve meals lately. But, it is still worth visiting Morocco during Ramadan. And if you are planning to make a trip to Morocco during this time, note down some changes in Morocco as compared to other times of the year.

  • The shops usually do not open before 11-12 PM and close soon. And they will reopen the business again after ftour which means their breakfast at 9.00 PM.
  • You may find difficulty in getting alcohol during this time.
  • Restaurants generally serve dinner after 8.30 PM and may have more waiting time.
  • Transport could be less frequent.

Fasting is observed from dusk till dawn which is usually from 4 AM to 7.30 PM. So, if you are a non-Muslim, try not to eat, drink or smoke in a public place. People will definitely not abuse you or throw stones at you. But they may be a bit offended. However, you can always eat or drink in front of the guide as they are used to non-Muslim tourists during Ramadan.

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