Morocco tour Guides & Drivers

Regulations administer vehicle, guides & drivers licensed to work with tourists in Morocco. They should follow the stated rules. And make sure the driver along with the vehicle is registered before starting the journey. Also, ensure that they are carrying the associated permits with them. Kam Kam Dunes guides are freelancers that we trust them from the last 7 years. We ensure they have a lisence, insurance and tourism travel permit. The guides & drivers are stopped and checked by the Police at checkpoints regularly for the correct paperwork. Guides are licensed according to district and activity: ie: mountain guides, Marrakech city guides, etc. False guides are very common in Morocco. And you are suggested to stay away from them for better reasons.  The drivers are very skillful and they can guide you on the trip perfectly. A false guide is someone who does not have the tourism lisence. Remember, the false guide will be very persistent and you need to be a bit strict to refuse their offer. Also, you can take the help of the nearby policeman if required. However, Fes and Marrakech are really beautiful and there are lots to know about these places. So, we recommend you hire a licensed guide for these two places. The guides can better explain to you about the history and architecture of Fes and Marrakech. The guide will earn a commission on anything that you buy. So, make that very clear at the beginning of your tour that what if you are interested to shop anything.

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