Begging in Morocco

Poverty is everywhere in the world and Morocco is not an exception. And this is why begging is practiced there as well. So, you must be ready to witness this unfortunate practice in the beautiful place of Morocco too. People asking for help stretching their hands are a very common thing there. However, not all beggars are genuine. Especially the able-bodied persons are not at all in need. They are actually fake and begging is practiced by them as a daily job.

You can consider giving them loose change if you have. But, try ignoring persistent begging in case you have refused once. Just ignore them and move on.

You need to deal with different types of beggars in Morocco. For example, child beggars. The children are used for this purpose. They are taught to ask for money and the parents wait somewhere. The problem is most of us can’t resist ourselves from helping them. Also, sometimes you will notice some children are very pushy and they will follow you.

Also, try ignoring the able-bodied people who do begging for no reason.

 But, you can help the handicapped beggars who are in actual need. They do it as they do not have any other opportunities to earn their daily bread.

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